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Video: A Moment with Craig Mod, Creator of ‘Art Space Tokyo’

Craig Mod talks about independent publishing, his book-making philosophy and why we should make books that people can’t bear to throw away.

Idea: Barter with Anonymous

Anonymous‘ new International Barter Programme allows you to trade something that you have made, produced, published or designed in exchange for a copy of Bracket, the independent paper published by them.

Want more details? Go visit their beautiful blog here.

Column: Hiragana Art

This is an irregular column by Aron Luangphinith of make it easy.

The Uni Project at Catchihiro has made hiragana easy to read and learn in a 5-book series. They have created a graphic style in which each hiragana character is composed of repetitive images of a Japanese word that consists of the same character.

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Technology: Muji Apps for Good Living

Muji has launched three new apps for the iPhone/iPad aimed at improving the lives of busy city-dwellers – in true-blue Muji-style.

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Column: A Portable Map (Calicut, India / The End of Summer)

This is an irregular column by Venessa Toh. Because of a job that requires her to travel frequently, Venessa is able to arrive at a different city a few times a month. In this column she will record her quick, sometimes erratic, first impressions of each city.

Calicut is a small, laidback city, with air that smells like a combination of spices and cows. There are too many poor people around. They are begging on the streets or trying to sell cheap clothings to tourists. Occassionally, cows roam the streets, which explains the smell.

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Event: ‘Beirut to Tokyo’, A Seasonal Cafe by Monocle

Monocle, an expert at creative cross-pollination, will be bringing two very different cities together in a new event titled ‘Beirut to Tokyo’. Held as part of this year’s Tokyo Design Week, the event - presented in the form of a ’seasonal cafe’ – will be a celebration of Lebanese food, design and talk in Japan.

30 October – 3 November 2010

TABLOID, 2-6-24 Kaigan Minato-ku Tokyo


People: Katie Merchant, Documenting Seoul’s Creative Scenery

Text by Danica van de Velde
All photographs by Katie Merchant

Meet Katie Merchant, urban Seoul’s latest creative documenter.

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Super Youth of the Week: Shauba Chang

Every Tuesday we point you in the direction of an up-and-coming, promising young artist under 30. For the full list of featured artists, click here.

Shauba Chang is a Taiwanese artist, photographer & designer currently studying fine art media in London. She is also the publisher and editor of independent publication Waterfall Magazine.

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Creative Social Enterprise: Mammoth School

Originally a kids’ magazine, Mammoth has evolved into a “concept school” that promises to change the way we think about education. It might even – you heard it here first – change the world.

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Fashion: … Research by Kobayashi Setsumasa


“… Research” – previously known as Mountain Research – is a clothing line by Kobayashi Setsumasa that epitomises the kind of inspired eclectism that is informing some of today’s best creative work.

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